We have worked hard to create resources that can be successfully integrated into your lessons, and will help encourage your students to become Water Guardians in a local, national and global sense.

With water as a focus, lessons also discover ideas and foster a connection to the wider environment, science, and social and community-based action. 

Schools across Auckland are making the most of our free education programme. We offer fun, engaging, hands-on sessions for primary and intermediate students, so they can learn about all things water, wastewater and their local environment.

Pupils can enjoy our programme through a lively afternoon with our experienced teacher, or we can provide you with a range of comprehensive teaching resources, including our ever-popular DIY Freshwater Detectives™ kit.

Watercare education programme

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We offer hands-on science sessions for primary and intermediate students so they can learn about all things water, wastewater and their local environment.

Freshwater Detectives™ Kit

Turn your class into Freshwater Detectives

We have created the Freshwater Detectives™ kits for teachers to engage with their students on their own local freshwater sampling field trips. The kit is especially tailored to New Zealand schools and our unique Kiwi environment and makes for a fun, easy-learning exercise that teachers and students will all enjoy.

Water education tools

A selection of posters and games for your classroom

Resources you can print out for the classroom to introduce students to the wonders of water in a fun, engaging way.

We give children the tools and knowledge they need to become proactive community members when it comes to conserving water and improving our environment. They become our smallest water guardians, and often make positive change happen in their home too!

Sam and Flo Adventure Books

Written by our previous education coordinator, Sally Smith, and illustrated by Auckland artist Emma Scheltema, these books are a great way to engage young children in a conversation about water.

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