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The Eden Project:

The Eden Project is a highly successful visitor attraction and has become an international icon. It brings with it a strong, established brand and a proven concept. It is unique and compelling with 

The Redzone:

Tourism and recreation have an essential role to play in Christchurch’s economic and social recovery. Since the earthquake sequence of early 2011 

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Land, Water & People

All aspects of our lives are shaped by water. To indigenous Maori, the Tangata Whenua (people of the land), land represents their earth mother; and together with air and water form an essential part of their mauri (life force). To the scientific eye, the land on which we live in Canterbury, New Zealand has been shaped by snow, ice and water, and is seen as a source of production, wealth and opportunity. 

As a bicultural society these sets of beliefs shape New Zealand’s contemporary views of resource management and the search for pathways to sustainability. 

Meet the Project Team

The project team is made up of representatives from Beca, Lincoln University, Ngai Tahu/Ihutai Ahu Whenua Trust, and The Tourism & Leisure Group.


  • Sir Tim Smit - Message to Christchurch

  • Eden Project Founder: Sir Tim Smit


Latest news

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    Since the project went public a few weeks ago, a number of people who were involved in the development of the Eden UK project and now live in New Zealand have contacted us and... read more…

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  • Concept Design Initiative

    Mick Abbot, Associate Professor, Design and Innovation at Lincoln University will be leading the concept planning and design team for the proposed From the Mountains to the Sea... read more…