My water story
Liam Templeton

As a young boy, Liam Templeton saw the impact droughts have on the environment and nature.

Growing up in inland New South Wales, Australia, his small township of Queanbeyan often felt the stresses and strains inflicted by extreme and often ruthless weather conditions. That's when Liam’s appreciation for water began. He no longer saw it as just water, it was a precious resource.

Since then, both his personal and professional life have been intrinsically linked to water. Diving in the deep end and living life as a professional triathlete for several years allowed him to understand the power of water. As Liam puts it: "Water and the environment are a big part of my life - they make me feel alive."

That love of water and nature followed him to Auckland. As an environmental scientist at Watercare, he’s been able to help foster a better environment for residents of Tāmaki Makaurau. Liam's in charge of Watercare's Coastal Walkway - 150 hectares of coastal land around the Manukau foreshore. Not only is the area enjoyed by locals but each year it's a home to tens of thousands of migratory birds escaping the chilly northern winter.

"We are all part of the solution," says Liam of making a positive and lasting impact on our local environment. "If we want to make a change for the better, we need to be the change."

Press play on Liam's video to find out more about his water story, then ponder this, what's your water story?