It takes less than five minutes to find out what your water footprint is and where you can make changes to your household water use.

If you're saving water, you're reducing your water footprint and saving money. It's a win, win, win all round.

Now, rather than taking a stab in the dark as to which area or areas of your home are responsible for most of your water use, our water calculator will give you a steer in the right direction.

Watercare launched a water calculator, yes, a water calculator, in early April. The calculator was launched in partnership with The Water Conservancy who lead the way in knowledge, advisory and education around water efficient practices.

The calculator does exactly what it implies - it estimates the metered water use for your household. The estimate is not a one size fits all result - its personalised - based on how many people live in your home, the appliances you have and your home water habits. The answers you provide during the five-minute question and answer session will let you know where you sit in relation to our water efficiency target to 2025. It might sound like an intense five minutes, but it’s fun and could end up saving you money on your water bill.

"A lot of customers aren’t aware where most of their water is consumed in the home, so the calculator should help people work out where they can get the most savings.”
Priya Thuraisundaram, Watercare head of insights

As the calculator walks you through the areas of the home - kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and garden - your average household and per person water use is revealed and compared to the goals we'd like you to aim for. Where did we get these goals, you ask? Well, Watercare's water efficiency plan requires Auckland to reduce its gross per capita consumption by 15 per cent by 2025.

To achieve that target, we need buy in from our 1.7 million customers. That’s where the calculator comes in: It helps customers see which area of their home needs the most water-saving love and attention.

"The calculator was developed to increase visibility and awareness of water use within the home and help our customers see where their household sits against our water efficiency targets."
Priya Thuraisundaram

The calculator is the brainchild of The Water Conservancy, previously known as Smart Approved Watermark. They developed the calculator which, with the help of plumbing lecturers and water industry experts, was tailored for an Auckland audience.

Take five today and tap into your water footprint. Remember, if you're saving water, you're reducing your water footprint and saving money.